Welcome to Brown Investment Management

As a comprehensive financial services company, we help our clients plan for their future through our customized financial planning strategies. Our advice aims to help our clients to improve everything from their day-to-day finances to retirement planning; investment planning to estate strategies; and insurance to tax strategies.

While we help people from all walks of life, many of our clients are same-sex couples searching for a knowledgeable advisor to help them with their planning needs. Our clients want to know the financial benefits and pitfalls of getting married. Our same-sex clients also tend to have more advanced estate planning needs because many do not have children.

We meet with our clients in a relaxed, comfortable, and professional environment.

At Brown Investment Management, we are not tied to any company’s investment products. As a result of our independence, we are able to provide unbiased advice by offering a wide array of investments and other products to our clients.